The Smiths NL400 sprayer is a comfortable and feature-packed 15 litre capacity knapsack sprayer. A fully-padded harness and comfortable padded straps ensure all-day comfort for the wearer while Viton seals ensure no leakages will occur. Internal agitator paddles ensure the liquid inside the tank is fully mixed and ready for application at all times. The Smiths NL400 is manufactured from materials that are resistant to commonly-found chemicals ensuring the longest possible lifetime.

Fully padded professional harness
Removable filter basket
Fully serviceable, replace seals in less than 10 minutes
No possibility of external leaks
Longer life, resistant to most chemicals
Less breakages for longer life
Better comfort when working long hours
Easier to wash
15 Litre CapacityTank
Within 20kg weight carrying guidelines when full