Summer Spreaders

Spreaders are the best tools to evenly and accurately distribute granulated fertiliser and grass seed. Our range of durable, high quality spring and summer spreaders are easy to set up and operate and will reduce waste whilst ensuring even application, making sowing or maintaining turf, lawns and pitches a breeze.


Our pedestrian spreaders are ideal for ensuring accurate application large lawns, and pitches on a regular basis, making them an essential piece of kit for a range of commercial or residential applications. Crafted from high-quality materials and easy to set up, use and adjust our pedestrian spreaders include broadcast, drop and rotary options.



Hand-operated fertiliser and seed spreaders are perfect for caring for small lawns or steep and hilly turfed areas that are tricky to access with pedestrian and vehicle-mounted spreaders. Crafted from tough, durable materials including weather-resistant nylon and with ergonomic designs for comfortable operation, our range of hand-operated spreaders have been selected for their high quality and ease of use.



Explore DMMP’s range of premium vehicle-mounted spreaders with large-capacity durable poly hoppers, ideal for commercial applications or larger residential properties. Our towable and bed-mounted spreaders are designed to be easily adjustable during use and are suitable for using with virtually any host vehicle including ride-on mowers, all-terrain vehicles, 4x4s and agricultural machinery.