Seeders & Cultivator

Save time and add some precision to your garden maintenance jobs with our range of seeders and cultivators. The results will speak for themselves.

EVS1001-B Garden Seeder

An ideal row crop planter, the 1001-B is a tool that take...

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EVS1600 Garden Seeder Ferti-Ply Accessories

Calibrated slide plate allows precise flow rates of all g...

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EVS60009 Garden Seeder Standard Seed Plates Accessories

Set of 6 standard seed plates for the Earthway 1001-B See...

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EVS60010 Garden Seeder Optional Seed Plates Accessories

Set of 5 optional seed plates.

The Optional Seed P...

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EW6500 Earthway High Wheel Cultivator

Save money and time working in your garden with the Earth...

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EW6500W Earthway High Wheel Cultivator – Wooden Handle

EarthWay® 6500W High Wheel Garden Cultivator with 24-Inc...

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EW60132 Weed Slicing Hoe For All Cultivators

This slicing hoe is designed to fit the EarthWay EW6500 C...

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