Our range includes rotary, broadcast and drop spreaders suitable for various summer and winter applications. Our spreaders are hard-wearing, durable and easy to operate with hand-operated, pedestrian and vehicle-mounted options to ensure there’s something for every domestic and commercial setting.

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Explore our wide range of quality spreaders designed for the accurate application of seeds, granular fertiliser and aggregate. View


Take a look at durable spreaders designed to help you stay safe in the winter months with our range of products suitable for spreading grit, salt and de-icer. View


Find your nearest DMMP dealer for expert advice and support. Our network of trusted spreader and sprayer dealers ensures that DMMP customers receive the best pre and post-sales care wherever they are located in the UK. We carefully select our approved dealers to ensure their approach is perfectly aligned with ours – rigorous, expert and knowledgeable. Search by brand, product type and application to find the spreader and sprayer expertise and support that is local to you.