Preventing slips trips and falls – health and safety in mind for the winter


Although the weather is warming up, here at DMMP we are thinking ahead to when the temperature drops and paths become slippery, resulting in hundreds of people across the UK slipping and falling. During the 2017 “Beast from the East” 39% of all A&E admissions were from ice! For some companies and corporations, I-C-E also spells out C-O-M-P-E-N-S-A-T-I-O-N. Limit the risks with these top tips for looking after your premises.


As if black ice doesn’t cause enough problems, not being able to see the ice that is visible produces even more issues. Providing well-lit areas around your premises is imperative when attempting to reduce the risk of falls. Ensure the use of proper illumination around pathways, stairways, ramps, roads, crossings, entrances and exits.

Wet and drifted leaves

When leaves fall and become wet they can present a major trip hazard. Not only do they cause people to slip, they may drift and obscure the view of curbs and steps which creates a perfect situation for someone to fall. The best way to combat this is to organise daily checks of outdoor areas and implementing, if necessary, clearing of debris, especially after storms and strong winds.

Flooding and rain water

Areas of flooding and rain water are not only hazardous in their own right, they are also areas with the potential to freeze and become icy. To avoid this issue fill in potholes, ensure drains are working correctly and use ice management materials such as salt, grit or IceMelt.

Ice, frost and snow

Using preemptive methods to combat ice, frost and snow are your best bet at preventing slips and falls due to the cold. Using grit, salt or ice melt is an effective way of tackling the issues produced by frosty weather as they lower the freezing point of the water.

Our spreaders will ensure that grit, salt or ice melt is spread as effectively as possible. Using a spreader allows you to spread materials evenly, so you have peace of mind that you have successfully treated the area and haven’t wasted product. A spreader is much more time effective than gritting manually, so you can treat a larger area in a shorter period of time. Our SnoWay spreaders have a military-grade powder finish on external parts and have a fully enclosed and sealed electric motor to ensure maximum product longevity.

Following these tips will support you and your business in protecting your premises from hazards caused by ice and cooler temperatures. Visit our shop to browse SnoWay and EartWay spreaders to get the most out of your ice management materials.