Taking a closer look at the Spyker SPY100-1S ERGO-PRO™ Ice Winter Spreader


The Spyker SPY100-1S ERGO-PRO™ Ice Winter Spreader

At DMMP we pride ourselves on providing a full sales service to our dealers and distributors, ensuring that they know as much as possible about the products we supply to them. This in turn means that they can speak with confidence about spreaders and sprayers and help customers choose the right product for them.

In this blog our Business Development Manager Ian Rotherham takes a closer look at the SPY100-1S ERGO-PRO™ Ice Winter Spreader, a feature-packed commercial winter spreader from Spyker. Read on to learn all about the clever design tweaks that make this spreader perfect for keeping outdoor areas gritted and accessible this winter.

“The ERGO-PRO™ Ice Winter Spreader from Spyker is a great addition to our range of ice control machinery for winter 2019/20. It can be used to spread a range of ice control materials such as rock salt, white salt or ice melt from the robust 54kg-capacity polypropylene hopper, thanks to an extra-large opening for the bigger granules of rock salt. The shape of the hopper has been carefully redesigned to prevent ice control materials bridging in it, ensuring it flows smoothly down to be spread without needing bouncing or shaking.

Salt is highly-corrosive to metal, so the chopping blade is crafted from stainless steel for longevity, and the metal gears are fully enclosed (which also have a lifetime warranty!) to keep them working well. It’s still worth ensuring you clean the spreader out thoroughly every time you use rock or white salt to keep it working perfectly for as long as possible. If you are concerned about salt corrosion or damage to lawns and the environment, why not explore ice melt? It’s a totally non-corrosive ice control material that’s actually more efficient than salt.

Health and safety is at the forefront of the minds of all business owners, and this spreader has design features to ensure the person using it is comfortable and visible. Oversized pneumatic tyres absorb ruts and bumps, ensuring the spreader can be pushed across any terrain. The spreader handles are height-adjustable for different height operators, and there are reflective strips on the stainless-steel frame to ensure safe working in carparks when there is reduced visibility. Spreaders can get very heavy when they are full, so Spyker have included a lift handle to take the strain if you need to lift it up or down steps.

Both operator time and ice control products cost businesses money, so efficient and accurate spreading is key to a profitable operation. The large ‘T’ on/off lever is easy to use whilst wearing gloves and the wing nut lock gives highly accurate calibration of the salt application time after time, with a spread width 1.2m to 3.6. The deflector, which is included in the price of the ERGO-PRO™ Ice Winter Spreader, ensures the salt or ice melt goes exactly where it is supposed to, and a cold shock-proof cover prevents precipitation getting into the hopper and causing clumping.”

If you would like to receive more information about the Spyker SPY100-1S ERGO-PRO™ Ice Winter Spreader or book a sales demo with Ian, drop us a line today: https://dmmplimited.wpengine.com/contact/